The Great Colleges For the New Majority is a network of colleges and baccalaureate
programs dedicated not only to access and completion, but also to transformative
and engaged learning for adult, nontraditional students. We know that many
community colleges offer excellent opportunities for nontraditional students. We
also know that myriad four-year institutions have developed innovative, engaged,
effective educational practices—almost exclusively with traditional undergraduates
in mind. The colleges in our Network have learned much from both sectors. Yet we
represent a new venture in U.S. higher education: a community of practice dedicated
not simply to degree attainment, but also to great teaching and learning for working
adults who seek a bachelor’s education and beyond.

The colleges and programs in the Great Colleges Network are diverse in scale,
setting, curricular design, and teaching practices. We are both public and private,
free-standing and integrated within larger academic institutions. What brings us
together is a shared set of values, practices, and aspirations for systemic change in
higher education.

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